Summer Hair Care Tips From Cecelia Johnson

Summer Hair Care Tips From Cecelia Johnson | Uptown New York Style Hair Salon
We spend more time outdoors during summer, so hair care is essential because the warmer months cause damage to hair, according to Cecelia Johnson; hairstylist expert. Many of us enjoy summer activities like sunbathing, swimming and other outdoor activities. The sun, chlorine and sea salt will dry out your hair which can cause it to split and break.

The two extremes months – summer and winter, have a dramatic impact on our hair. Because there’s less moisture in the air during winter, hair can get dry easily. But in summer we are exposed to more sources of damage that can harm the structure of our hair as well as the amount of moisture it can hold.

In this article, we will discuss the different elements that damages hair during summertime. And provide some summer hair care tips from Cecelia Johnson.

Summer Hair Care Tips From Expert Cecelia Johnson

As the owner of Uptown New York Style Hair Salon and A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer, Cecelia truly cares about her clients’ hair. For her, it’s not just about a shampoo and style, but rather educating her clients on good hair care and best products to use.

1. Protect Your Hair From Heat and Sun Damage

You already know that there are a plethora of products on the market that promises to repair your hair from heat styling tools and harmful UV damage. However, the most effective solution is to protect it in the first place.

When outdoors, cover up your hair if possible when you’re in the sun, or at least tie it back. Cecelia recommends using hair products that contain UV protection to prevent your hair from becoming damage. And use sun protection products on any part of your scalp that is exposed to the sun. In fact, you should be wearing sunscreen on your entire body when outdoors, especially during the summer.

Cecelia also recommends restricting your use of heat styling tools. If you must use them, then make sure that you use a professional heat protection spray.

2. Safeguard Your Hair From Chlorine Damage

Although chlorine is great for sanitizing pool water, it’s not so great on your hair. In addition to drying out your hair, chlorine makes your hair prone to breaking. For these reason, it’s recommended that you wet your hair prior to taking a dip in the pool. Wet hair tends to be less absorbent that dry hair, thus reducing the chances of your hair absorbing chlorine from the pool.

Also, Cecelia Johnson says, “coating your hair with thick conditioner before swimming will prevent chlorine from entering the hair shaft”. According to the expert, when chlorine reaches the hair shaft, it causes discoloration and dryness to the hair.

After being in the pool, you should also shampoo your hair with a chlorine removing shampoo as soon as possible. This should be done BEFORE applying a moisturizing oil.

3. Prevent Hair Color Fade This Summer

In addition to protecting your hair from dryness, summer hair tips from Cecelia Johnson also include how to prevent hair color fade. The sun causes all hair types that has been colored to fade. And this is particularly true for afro hair due to its tight curl pattern. Covering your hair and using a color protecting shampoo and conditioner helps prevent your hair color from fading.

4. The Dreaded Frizzy Hair

Heat and humidity in summer dries your hair and induces frizz. In this case, you need to put moisture back into your hair to prevent frizz from forming. Moisture is a head of hair’s best friend. As such, the best thing you can do for your hair this summer is to invest in quality hydrating products. Serums and oils are the most popular anti-frizz products for summer hair problems.

Cecelia Johnson will help you find the best anti-frizz products for your hair type. At Uptown New York Style Hair Salon, she also offers professional relaxer service which can help smooth your hair and reduce frizz.

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Even with the above summer hair care tips from Cecelia Johnson, there is still so much to know about proper hair care. So, to make sure your hair is healthy and looks great this summer, book a hair consultation or appointment by call (858) 794-6833. You can also book online.

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Summer Hair Care Tips From Cecelia Johnson

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