Fun Mother’s Day Activities To Make Mom Feel Special

Fun Mother's Day Activities To Make Mom Feel Special
Whether you plan to celebrate Mom by getting reservations at her favorite dining spot, hosting a brunch to celebrate her at home, she’ll appreciate these gestures. Even a surprised Mother’s Day breakfast in bed would be delightful. The point is to make sure she enjoys being waited upon by her loved ones. A day without doing all the heavy lifting like cooking, dishes, etc., is a plus for Mom.

Make sure the day is all about her. This means Mother’s Day activities should be based around “her” hobbies or favorite places. Does she always yearn for the next road trip or plane ride to a new destination? Explore a small town of the beaten path, or even places she’s never been in your own city. Is she a DIY whiz? Consider tackling a DIY project together like Mother’s Day crafts.

Plan Your Mother’s Day Activities

If your Mom just loves your company, keep things simple. For example, strolling through a park, watching Mother’s Day movies together, or be her personal assistant. In short, the day should be focused on spending quality time with your Mother.

African American mother smiling with beautiful new hairstyles
Elegant Hairstyle For Mom

Elegant Hairstyle

It’s not always easy to get Mom booked pre-Mother’s Day as most salons that have skilled stylists have few availabilities. Even so, you can still gift Mom a spa or hair salon day. If you are a mother as well as a skilled stylist like Cecelia Johnson, you can book mom a private hairstyle session!

Bright home interior design with white sofa
Interior Design Lessons

Celebrate Her Love of Design

If Mom is a huge fan of all things pretty, gift her an interior design class. Research different online classes to make sure she gets the most out of the your efforts. And if she’s already a pro designing the home, intermediate to advanced design classes would be best, rather than a beginner class.

Little boy dancing with mother in the park


One of the most fun Mother’s Day activities is dancing, and even better if Mom is the one who taught you. Or, if the two of you are up for new experiences, learn the latest TikTok dance and record it together.

Mother and daughter enjoying glasses of wine sitting on the sofa talking
Plan a Staycation

Plan a Staycation

Living in a city like San Diego, there are a plethora of places to stay and sites to see. Plus, the weather is nice year-round. You can create new memories with a getaway to a local hotel with your favorite girl! Make time for a spread of delicious food from room service and poolside fun.

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you are a reading this post and you’re both the planner and a mother, put your feet up from all the Mother’s Day activities and enjoy some ultra-spoiling 🥳 💐

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Fun Mother\'s Day Activities To Make Mom Feel Special

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