5 Different Ways To Style Your Hair Edges

5 Different Ways To Style Your Hair Edges
Obviously, there are more than 5 different ways to style your hair edges, but we’re talking about the top most trendy styles. Styling your edges is not only a way to take your hairstyle to the next level, but it’s also a quick way to switch up your look.

Once again, Black women started this trend of designing edges and hairlines years ago. Using social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Black women, showcase the many different ways that they style their edges. From the ultra simple to the dramatic and intricate.

A unique look can be created styling edges as well as decorating them with color, diamonds, and other accessories. As such, styling your edges has become a cultural thing, from using various products to swoop baby hairs down, to styling those baby hairs in stylish ways.

Artistic Ways To Style Your Hair Edges

By using the appropriate edge control gel and brush, edges from a variety of hair textures can be slicked down to create a new look. Albeit styling your edges is not a hairstyle requirement, we like the fact that it’s simple to do and can change your entire look. With this in mind, here are 5 different ways to style your hair edges.

Edges with Baby Hair Loops

1. Edges With Baby Hair Loops

Because this edge style combines baby hair loops at the tip, it makes it distinctive from the water wave style. Although not as common as some of the other edge styles, it’s a fun way to get artistic with your edge’s hair. When worn with braid styles, you can better see the softer appearance.

Ways To Style Hair Edges Swirly Baby Baby Curves

2. Swirly Baby Curves

While the swirly baby curves edge look requires more patience and time to achieve, it’s definitely doable. You’ll probably see this style often on braid styles.

To achieve this look, simply divide your edges into smaller sections and curl them to look like newborn baby hair. For better results, this cute style requires steady hands.

Ways To Style Hair Edges Thick Waves

3. Thick Waves

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your edges, thick waves is one of the easy ways to style your hair edges. In fact, you won’t even have to create little curves and swirls.

Instead, you can curve all your baby hair in one or two big swoops.

Sleek Water Wave Hair Edges

4. Sleek Water Waves

You can use either water with hair mousse or gel to achieve this water wave edge style. These edges are fun to create because they resemble the waves you see at the beach. Not only do they compliment hairs that are, but they also help frame your face. Plus, these water wave edges look fantastic with bouncy curls.

Soft Thin Waves Baby Hair Edges

5. Soft Thin Waves

Effortless and natural is how to describe the soft thin wave edges look. Whether your hair is up in a bun or flowing down your back, this style works well.

All you need is small strands of baby hair to create the thin waves, creating the same style on both sides, which saves you time.

Keeping Your Hair Edges Healthy

Patience is important when trying to grow baby hairs. But after growing them, you must maintain and keep them healthy. So, avoid tight hairstyles that adds unnecessary tension on your edges. Tight hair styles not only puts stress on your hairline, but Las cause your baby hairs to be uprooted.

Another thing to note is try not to touch them so often. because baby hair is delicate, constantly touching them lead to the removal of your hair little by little.

You should also wear a silk bonnet or scarf to cover your hair at night. As opposed to other materials that can absorb your hair’s moisture, silk material is more preferred. Additionally, take care when brushing your edges and also moisturize them to avoid dryness which leads to breakage.

Want Styled Baby Hairs But Don’t Know How To Achieve Them?

If styling your baby hairs is something you’ve always to do, but don’t know how, we got you. Cecelia Johnson is not only the co-owner of Uptown New York Style salon, but she is also a master hairstylist. She can create all of the edge styles above, plus even more artistic ones. Book your appointment and get the edges of your dreams!

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5 Different Ways To Style Your Hair Edges