Best Gym and Workout Hairstyles

Best Gym and Workout Hairstyles | Uptown New York Style Hair Salon
You probably have already experienced how inconvenient it is wearing your hair down while working out at the gym. It can be really annoying, not to mention disruptive to your flow having to stop and fix your hair.

But the best gym and workout hairstyles are considerate of your level of workout and your hair thickness. After all, you don’t want to have a great body and end up with damaged hair. So, to save you time (and your hair) from having strands stuck to your sweaty face, we’ve rounded up some hairstyles for the gym.

Keep scrolling for inspiring gym hairstyles that won’t distract you from boxing, stretching, sprinting and spinning.

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Best Gym and Workout Hairstyles For Long Hair

Regardless of your hair type or length, these hairstyles are sure to allow you to focus on your workout. To avoid your becoming loosen or falling during workout, longer hair needs more support. Having a functional hairstyle for your long hair also avoids stress on your scalp as you move freely about.

1. Bubble ponytail

A bubble ponytail is a classy version of a basic ponytail. It will keep your hair in place as well as allow you to look stylish. However, it’s best to create this style beforehand. That way, you don’t have to be worried about not having enough elastic ties or the rubber bands breaking. If you want more volume to your bubbles, you can tease the strands and then add a hair tie to each section. However, we don’t recommend teasing your hair because it could tangle during your workout.

2. Ponytail braid

A braided ponytail is actually one of the best gym and workout hairstyles because you scoop all of your hair out of your face. The result? No strands sticking to sweat. All you need to do is put your hair in a high ponytail, use cream or a non-alcoholic holding spray to keep flyaway strands in-check. Then, using three strands braid your hair all the way to the ends and tie the end with a band or thin scrunchie.

3. Workout braids

Workout Hairstyles for Long Hair | Uptown New York Style Hair Salon

If you want a style that lasts hours after your workout, try workout braids. Need to pick up a few things from the grocery store before you head home? No problem. Simply let your braids loose and enjoy a stylish beach waves look.

Workout Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

4. Half up half down

This style is for you if you want your hair out of your face while still showing off some length. Plus, it’s a perfect style to go from your workout to brunch with the girls after! And if you don’t want it to fall during your workout, braid the top section of your hair also.

5. Topknot

Workout Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair | Uptown New York Style Hair Salon

Go for a topknot if you definitely hate strands getting in your face during working out! It’s another best gym and workout hairstyles that’s so easy to do. Just flip your hair upside down, gather all of it on top of your head and then twist and secure into place. Whether straight or curly hair, this style stays put during your workouts.

6. Cornrows

For frequent gym-goers, you need a low maintenance style that stay in position throughout your workout. Cornrows will not only secure your hair while working out, but it’s also a great protective style and works well with any length of hair. If you are unsure about styling your own braids, pop into Uptown New York Style Hair Salon, where expert stylist Cecelia Johnson will be happy to help!

7. Space buns

Workout Hairstyles for Short Hair | Uptown New York Hair Salon

This is one of the best gym and workout hairstyles and it’s great for women with natural curls. Bring a bit of cuteness to your workout with playful space buns which work well on short or long hair. Plus, they are easy to style and will stay in place during your workout.

8. Wearing a headband for short hair

Not all women choose to have long or medium length hairstyles and prefer an elegant short look. In this case, if your hair is too short for a hair tie, a headband is a perfect solution to keeping your hair off your face! You can get artistic here too, from plain and simple to colorful and bedazzled. In fact, there are so many different styles and patterns of available headbands on the market, you won’t have any problems finding one that suits your personality. And you could even match it to your workout clothes!

The bottom line…

Having a workout routine or exercise of any kind, even walking is great for your overall health. However, you don’t want to damage your hair in the process or have it distract you from your exercising. All of the hairstyles above can be created by Cecelia Johnson. And if you’re looking for sometime more fancy like celebratory styles, she can create those too!

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Best Gym and Workout Hairstyles

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