The “Kitty Cut” Is 2024’s Most Popular Haircut

The "Kitty Cut" Is 2024's Most Popular Haircut
Although an old classic, the Kitty Cut has returned as a 2024 popular haircut. Many haircuts go and come in fashion, but the timeless bob has remained a dependable style for salons. There’s always a new version of the short cut that grabs the attention of fashionistas.

This year, the 70s-inspired long bob Kitty Cut is the most requested style at the salon, making it a popular haircut once again, proving that things always come back around.

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What Makes The Kitty Cut A Popular Haircut?

By mid March, we started to see major searches for “kitty cut”. Easy to see why this classic cut is appealing to so many women of all hair types and ages. This style is between a shoulder cut and a long bob. Plus, it has long textured layers throughout and curtain fringes framing the face. The kitty cut is meant to be low maintenance with soft textures, which is how it got its name.

Remember the wolf cut from the 70s that was trending last year? Well, the kitty cut is a bit softer with rounded layers and breezy texture. Therefore, there are no razored layers and blunt bangs. Even so, the two styles are near the same. Each aiming to offer more volume than blunt cuts and longer cuts. Just imagine a more wearable version of the shag cut for lower maintenance!

Want to make a chop or have a style that lingers above the shoulders? Then the kitty cut is a universally flattering option. As such, it feels classic, but it’s far more than boring.

How To Style The Kitty Cut

Make sure to arrive at your appointment with photo inspiration when asking for a kitty cut. Be mindful how you describe the cut to your stylist. Say that it’s a lob length cut with long layers and moderately shorter hairstyle with face-framing layers.

So, the result should not be choppy layers, but rather seamless rounded layers that fall easily into whatever your natural texture is. The foundation of this haircut is meant to be air-dried easily and naturally voluminous. You can even use a round brush when blow drying or a diffuser to give the style extra texture.

The best thing about the kitty cut which is also what makes it a popular haircut is that there are effortless ways in which you can style it. For example, if you have curls, you can get major volume with shorter layers throughout. Or you can take it up just below the chin, or leave the length grazing your collarbones.

Asking Your Stylist For A The Kitty Cut

Most hairstylists will tell you that when considering a new cut you should think about your hair type. They will also want photos for inspiration that looks realistic for your hair texture, length and thickness. Given that the kitty cut is versatile, it’s customizable enough to let your stylist work your strands to achieve the overall layered, breezy look. But providing at least one photo of the style you have in mind is super important to avoid accidentally getting the wrong haircut!

Does It Work For All Hair Types?

If your hair has naturally tight curls, you may want to consider getting it relaxed a bit before opting for this style. Otherwise, the results may be less than what you expect. With this in mind, many haircuts can be tailored to certain hair types. And the kitty cut is quite versatile, which makes it look good on just about anyone.

Another reason why the kitty cut is such a popular haircut is because clients’ hair tends to range from fine to medium texture. However, even for long or short locks, straight or curly hair, the kitty cut can be customized to flatter your face.

Other things to consider for this haircut trend is whether you are looking for curtain bangs or layers around your face to frame it. So, be specific about what you want, since this cut can be tailored to each person’s preferences.

Your hairstylist may even recommend other techniques for this cut that might work better with your face shape and hair type. So, again, it’s a good idea to have a clear photo to show the stylists to help them get started.

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