Best Hairstyles For Each Hair Type

Best Hairstyles For Each Hair Type
It can be frustrating to try different hairstyles and none of them seem to work well for your hair type. What you may not know is that your hair itself has a significant impact on achieving a certain hairstyle.

Finally, hair product brands are catering to the plethora of hair types that exist in the world. Got tight curls that look frizzy and won’t stop breaking? There’s a product for that. Your hair is straight that poofs instead of waves? Oh, yeah, there’s an entire aisle for that.

Cecelia Johnson, expert hairstylist at Uptown New York Style Hair Salon in Solana Beach has compiled a guide to the best hairstyles for each hair type.

Hairstyles For Each Hair Type

There’s no universally correct hair routine, classification system, or really product that applies to every hair type in the entire world. Given these points, how do you know which hairstyle works with your hair type before you go through all the effort? Check out our simple guide below.

Hairstyles For Asian Women by Cecelia Johnson | Uptown New York Style Hair Salon Solana Beach

Hairstyle Ideas For Straight, Asian Hair (Type 1 Hair)

Hair that has no curl pattern and is naturally straight and can become oily is classified as type one hair. However, when left to dry naturally, certain types of Asian hair can have a slight wave.

There are many types of hairstyles that work for Asian women with type 1 hair. For instance, a pixie haircut or a sleek ponytail, or slick back hair in a sophisticated style.

Hairstyles For Wavy Hair Mixed Race Women

Naturally Wavy Hair Hairstyle Ideas (Type 2 Hair)

Less oily than type 1 hair, type 2 hair is classified as naturally wavy. Even though this type is easy to keep moisturized, it can lack definition and become tanged and frizzy. Naturally wavy hair is common among mixed race women.

Similar to afro hair, naturally wavy hair needs persuading to take on a different shape or texture. If you want to achieve loose waves, try setting your hair with rollers or braids for bouncier, bigger curls. Use a holding spray, he released and enjoy the curliness! Hairstyles that look great with this type of hair is a French pleat, volumized ponytail or a messy bun.

Hairstyles for Naturally Wavy, Multi-Textured Hair

Multi-Textured, Natural Curly Hairstyle Ideas (Type 3 Hair)

Also common among mixed race women is multi-textured hair which is classified as type 3 hair. With this type of hair, you don’t have to manipulate it with products because it is naturally curly with spiral curls. Naturally curly, multi-textured hair can be dry as the natural oils do not reach around the “s” bend curls as easily as with type 1 and type 2 hair.

The many hairstyles ideas to try with multi-textured hair include a faux hawk or a loose braided style.

Hairstyles For Each Hair Type | Uptown New York Style Hair Salon SOLANA BEACH

Hairstyle Ideas For Black Women with Afro Hair (Type 4 Hair)

Afro hair or type 4 hair, has more tight curls without the defined ringlets of type 3 hair. Whether it is wet or dry, tight curly afro hair generally keeps the same shape. Due to the shape of the “Z” shape individual curl, afro hair tends to be extremely dry. For these reasons, afro hair needs regular moisturizing with creamy and thick products to lock in hydration.

When it comes to styling afro hair, your options are nearly unlimited. But popular styles include updos, bantu knots, braids, and the natural look.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has been useful in helping you understand possible hairstyles for each hair type. Whether you’re looking to change up your look or just need to refresh your existing style, Cecelia Johnson is your go-to hairstylist. Visit Uptown New York Style Hair Salon in Solana Beach, book online or call (858) 794-6833.

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Best Hairstyles For Each Hair Type