4 Exciting Ideas For Ombre Hair

4 Exciting Red Ombre Hair Ideas
Red ombre hair is an exciting color and with the right styling ideas and techniques, you can get that oooh effect. Although cool-toned hair has ruled the hair world for years now, we’re still obsessed with red, warm-tone hues.

Red Ombre Hair Ideas

From black and red ombre to blonde and red ombre, you can mix things up for a fierce look. If you’re looking to heat things up this spring and summer, you’ll love these exciting red ombre hair ideas. Plus, we threw in a few balayage color styles as well.

Burgundy Hair with Balayage

01. Shades of Glamour

This balayage multi-dimensional hair color includes both dark burgundy and bright red. The results are both memorable and stunning. Consider these colors on longer hair as the better it will look.

Our fabulous stylist Cecelia Johnson can add extensions to give you just the right length to accentuate these colors!

Black to Red Ombre Hair Ideas

02. Black To Red Ombre

Red ombre hair ideas comes in a variety of hues. When matching with dark hair such as black, bright red is often better.

For a creative look you’re sure to love, curl long hair and allow red dye to twist and turn through your locks. Not sure how to do that? Book with CeCelia Johnson for professional results.

Red to Blonde Ombre Hair Ideas

03. Ombre To Blonde With Accents

Not sure about having all-over red hair? In this case, you can obtain a whole new kind of beautiful with ombre as an in-between step. Start with a bright red from the roots, then go for a fade into a more natural color.

You can showcase and position your new color in a variety of ways through twists and braids.

Red Ombre Hair Color Bowl Cut

04. The Ombre Bowl Cut

There’s nothing more sexy than a sleek cut with the perfect color. But when executing cut and color, the two should flow together. This dynamic hairstyle is cut, colored and layered to perfection.

Customize your clients’ looks and they will love you forever!!

The above hairstyles and colors are just a tiny sample of the beautiful work Cecelia can do. To get your style on for 2024, call (858) 794-6833, or visit our Solana Beach hair salon.

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4 Exciting Ideas For Ombre Hair