How To Grow Afro Textured Hair from the Hair Experts at Uptown New York Style Hair Salon in Solana Beach

How To Grow Afro Textured Hair from the Hair Experts at Uptown New York Style Hair Salon in Solana Beach
Having you ever wondered how fast your hair grow? At Uptown New York Style Hair natural hair salon in Solana Beach, our expert stylists give you the facts about how to grow afro textured hair. Read on to learn more about how to grow your hair.

What Is Human Hair Made Of?

Human hair is composed of a strong fibrous protein called keratin. Keratin is made up of long chains of amino acids. These chains are joined together end to end like the beads of a necklace crossing each other, joining together to make links. These links are what gives each strand of hair the strength and elasticity of which they are a part.

Each strand of hair consists of three parts: the cortex, the medulla and the cuticle. The purpose of human hair is to prevent heat loss from a person’s head, but that fact gets completely lost when women weep about having a bad hair day, men buy sports cars because their hair is thinning and people spend billions of dollars every year to maintain that glorious head of hair. Well, hair is a woman’s crown and glory, after all.

The average number of hairs on the human scalp is approximately 120000, although blondes tend to have more and redheads less. But, don’t worry ladies, if you weren’t born with the color of hair you want, you can have any color and texture of hair you desire with my custom hair systems that are made with 100% human hair.

How To Grow Afro Textured Hair

The first thing to know about how to grow your afro textured hair is that the day you decide to grow out your hair, you have to really start taking care of it! There are no shortcuts to getting those long tresses – it’s a months-long, methodical process to getting a luxurious mane. From the right shampoo and conditioner to eating healthy, essentially it’s all about taking excellent care of your hair and body.

Scalp Protection Shampoo

Most of us have at least one friend who cuts her hair and within two months it’s already grown down her back. So, you ask yourself why won’t my hair grow like that?. Well, the truth is genetics is partly to blame. In theory, everybody’s hair grows at the same rate, well that is, according to scientific studies.

Wavy hair has oval strands, kinky hair has more flatten strands, and straight hair tends to be round more cylinder shaped strands. These hair structures of the different hair types dictates the strength. So, it’s not that your hair isn’t growing, some hair types are more susceptible to breakage. If your hair is more kinky, sometimes there’s rough combing and brushing and let’s not forget about the chemicals and heat we tend to expose our hair to; all this stress on the hair causes breakage.

I am a scalp and hair expert as well as a master wig maker. When you come in for your appointment, I will discuss your scalp and hair concerns so that I can create a hair care plan specifically for you.

Tips For How To Grow Afro Textured Hair

It’s wonderful to see many African American women are wearing their natural afro textured hair these days. But, if you are trying to make your hair grow and nothing seems to be working, you may be mistreating it. Hair is kinda like kids; if you treat it nicely, it will behave. If you’ve been caring for your hair; using products that are specifically formulated for your hair type, limiting the use of hot styling tools, and using the appropriate types of combs (wide soothe) and brushes, but you feel your hair is still suffering, here are a few tips that can tide you over until your appointment:

  • Use a soothing shampoo and gently exfoliates the scalp (you can buy both products here)
  • Eat a diet that’s rich in iron, zinc and protein
  • Take supplements to help encourage hair growth and nourishes your follicles
  • Regular hair trims (although this will not make your hair grow faster it will prevent breakage, therefore increasing length)

We offer professional hair care products and a selection of luxury deep conditioning hair treatments, that will leave your hair looking healthy and luxurious.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our professional hair stylists, call our friendly team at (619) 794-6833. In the meantime, check out some of our hairstyles and hair systems from our happy clients.

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