How To Repair Bleached Damaged Hair

How To Repair Bleached Damaged Hair
Summer will be here in about two weeks and most people change up their hairstyle to accommodate the weather change or to look more fabulous. Blonde and red are very popular hair colors for the summer. But to get these colors, most times your hair has to be bleached.

Whether it’s summertime or any time, at some point, we’ve all wanted to bleach our hair. Besides, blondes have more fun, right? However, to keep your mane looking healthy and vibrant, blonde also requires more maintenance. As those with blonde hair already know, yellow tones and dark roots are all too familiar.

Whether you want a sexy surf-girl halo or going lighter for summer, bleached hair requires proper hair care. If you want to repair bleached damaged hair or just explore bleach hair care, we’ve got a quick guide on how to keep your locks healthy.

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Why We Need To Repair Bleached Damaged Hair

Bleaching your hair causes a lot of damage as you go lighter and lighter. Hair is stripped of its natural oils when the bleaching agent dissolves the natural pigment and melanin. The result? Dry bleached hair. Bleached hair generally becomes brittle and knots easily because the bleaching agent raises the cuticle, making each strand very porous.

Prevention is the key to avoiding problems. Master hairstylist Cecelia Johnson recommends a hair mask every other shampoo for two weeks leading up to your appointment, along with a good trim. It’s also important to keep regular appointments as the purpose of these appointments for bleached is to snip a little off each month. This process will help prevent associated frizziness and frayed ends.

You won’t have to compromise if you stick to proper hair care and love. In fact, you could go lighter and stronger! While healthy looking blonde hair is totally achievable, ignoring your maintenance appointments will lead to the need to repair bleached damaged hair.

Hydrating Hair After Bleaching

Healthy hair requires moisture and bleached hair definitely needs hydration. So, you will need to apply more than just shampoo and conditioner. What you can do is swap your regular products for a combo moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Then you want to make sure to infuse your hair with avocado oil as these products are best for bleached hair. Not only do they reactivate dull, faded highlights, but they also deeply hydrate your hair.

Also, to avoid having to repair bleached damaged hair, it’s crucial that you don’t overuse heat styling tools. Instead, give your locks a break and practice air drying it. Letting your hair air dry every other time you shampoo it really helps improve its condition.

When you come in for your appointments, we will alternate between products best for your hair. For example, we will use deep conditioners or mask on one visit. Then the next visit we will use products that revitalize and nourish your hair…and so on.

Protecting Bleached Hair From the Sun

The UV rays from the sun is really bad on your skin as well as your scalp and hair. This is particularly true with bleached hair which is a sure-fire way to kill off luminous luster. Before swimming, drench your hair in fresh water, saturate it with a deep conditioner, and rinse thoroughly.

During sunnier days, douse your hair and your scalp in a UV protector. There’s nothing more painful than an irritated scalp post-bleach. And you don’t want a piggy-pink scalp luminating through and ruining your fabulous blonde.

Also keep in mind that blonde hair will turn a nasty brassy shade if you spend long hours in the sun. In this case, you will need a color-correcting treatment. We will use one with violet or purple pigments to neutralize orange tones and boosts whiteness.


Don’t shampoo your blonde hair too much or use harsh products like those with alcohol as an ingredient. Now that your hair is blonde, be extra vigilante about keeping up with your appointments. Doing so will alleviate the need to repair damaged bleached hair which means longer salon appointments.

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How To Repair Bleached Damaged Hair