Hair Salon Video Consultations By Uptown New York Style

Hair Salon Video Consultations By Uptown New York Style
Have you ever visited a salon, only to have the stylist tell you that your desired style is not doable? Whether the style is not suitable for you or it’s bad for you hair condition is inconsequential. The point is that the trip was a tremendous waste of time that could have been better utilized elsewhere.

To save you a wasted trip, we now offer hair salon video consultations. Not only does it reduce non-essential traveling, but you also don’t have to wait to be seen.

Why Hair Salon Video Consultations Are The Next Big Thing

We want to ensure our guests have an amazing experience at our salon. And one way to accomplish that is with a detailed consultation about their hair concerns and goals. Although some have returned to the new normal in salons, there are lots of changes. For examples, how we interact with clients. Consultations included.

Virtually connecting with our clients allows us to reconnect with them prior to their first trip back to the salon. Additionally, having a virtual consult with clients gives us quality time to learn about their hair goals. And also to prepare for their appointment.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using our hair salon video consultations.

1. Reduces Risk of Getting COVID-19

While we follow strict protocols at our salon, you still interact with other people prior to entering our establishment. And with rising cases from the new Delta variant, it’s wise to reduce contact with large groups of people. Or with people inside close quarters.

Hence, by doing video hair consultations, you get to stay at home and avoid possible exposure to the virus! Of course, we don’t make house calls so you’ll need to come in for your actual appointment. But the less contact with other people, the better.

2. No More Wasted Time

As mentioned earlier, a video hair consultation can save you precious time. Particularly because your hair as well as your wallet may not be ready for the service you’re considering.

3. Get An Idea of What Hairstyle Is Right For You

It can be an anxiety inducing experience for both client and stylists when you don’t know what hairstyle you want. However, with hair salon video consultations, you’re able to chat with the stylist about your ideas. As a result, the outcome is a clear decision before going to the salon.

Hair Salon Video Consultations
Hat with 20 inch Ombre Braids

The stylist can also help you figure out the style that best complements your face shape. For instance, the photos above are hats with hair attached. During our video chat, you can decide what type of hair you prefer; straight, textured, braids, etc. Thus, more clarity and less anxiety.

4. Provide An Accurate Quote

It’s difficult to determine exactly how much you’ll spend in salons because of different hair thickness, lengths and textures. But during the video chat, we’ll help you determine best options for you. Then, you’ll be able to get an accurate quote without even going to the salon. In essence, it allows you to better work within your budget.

5. Ask After Service Questions

Video consultations before your appointment sounds great. Now imagine how amazing it is to still consult with your stylist after your service. You can arrange a pos-service consult to ask us questions on how to style and care for your new ‘do.

Doesn’t all the above sound super interesting? Click here to schedule your hair salon video consultation today. If you’ve already had your consult and need directions to our salon, follow me.

Hair Salon Video Consultations By Uptown New York Style