Hair System By Louticia And Cecelia

Uptown New York Style has beautiful hair systems and is a place were you feel like family. We have been in business for many years and are doing some of our clients that have been with us from the start. That speaks very strong about who we are. Or mission is to be there for are clients.

One of the things that make our business wonderful is having a lovely family to work with. I am speaking about my wonderful daughter Cecelia, she has come be a fabulous hair stylist and I am a proud mother to have my daughter there to make a statement with her professional fabulous styling and how she takes care of her clients. I could not have dreamed of a more wonderful person to work with. I truly thank God for the blessing Louticia

Uptown New York Style hair salon has a line of beautiful hair systems. And a division A Diva’s Hidden Hair that custom makes all of the hair systems. You can order any style you desire. If you or someone you know are experiencing hair loss or going though Chemotherapy and have lost their hair we can make you any type of custom made hair system or cranial prosthesis that you desire. You can send us a picture that you would like your system be and we will make you a system like the picture you sent in.

You can also have a family member cut their hair use some of the hair make the system for your love one who is going though this tough time of losing their hair. We would love to be there to be apart of making you feel beautiful as you go though this time in your life. We will make you smile again. Thank you so much Louticia and Cecelia