Cecelia Johnson’s ‘My New Hairline Base’ Net Weave Cap

Cecelia Johnson's 'My New Hairline Base' Net Weave Cap
My New Hairline Base is a net weave cap manufactured by A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer for hairstylist Cecelia Johnson. If your weaves never look the way you want them to, this net cap is for you. It’s also idea for women with high foreheads.

We all aim to achieve the results clients want. When it comes to hair weave styles, sometimes you need extra tools and skills. For this reason, My New Hairline Base net weave cap was designed as a perfect solution for such situations.

This custom designed netting weave cap is a based that is attached to braided hair. Then, the weave is sewn onto the cap.

My New Hairline Base Net Weave Cap

When you sew hair extensions directly onto braided hair, it causes extra stress on the natural hair. In other words, this net cap provides protection between your own hair and pulling from the thread.

Because there’s less stress on your hair, My New Hairline Base allows your sew-in to last longer. Moreover, it creates a flat foundation on the braids for your install. This net cap provides even more benefits for weave sew-ins. For instance, if you have a high forehead, you no longer need to start your weave far back on your head.

If you’re concerned about not being able to reach your scalp, we have a solution for that. Our Scalp Protection Shampoo and Scalp Protection Conditioner are infused with nourishing ingredients to treat your scalp.

And even more good news! If your hair is thinning, My New Hairline Base net weave cap provides more flexibility for your chosen hairstyle. And it protects your hair from further damage. Additionally, the material is lightweight, breathable mesh with a soft band. Consequently, it’s comfortable for even sensitive scalps.

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Cecelia Johnson\'s \'My New Hairline Base\' Net Weave Cap