Should You Ask “Are You Wearing A Wig?”

Should You Ask "Are You Wearing A Wig?"
The realistic nature and quality of Uptown New York Style’s wigs has raised a question. “Should you ask someone if they are wearing a wig?” Hmm?

Some people may ask because they’re just darn nosey. While others ask because they too are considering wearing a wig.

So, unacceptable or ok?

Our hair is part of our identity. It’s not who or what we are, but it does have an emotional and physical impact. When we have a good hair day, everything is great. When we have a bad hair day – well we all know how that goes.

However, losing your hair is an entirely different story.

Women and men who have lost their hair say it feels like they’ve lost a part of themselves. And for some, it’s not easy for them to discuss.

How To Answer “Are You Wearing a Wig?”

When someone ask you, “are you wearing a wig”?, it can bring up mixed emotions. You may make you feel sad, grief, anxiety, or anger. So, it’s a good idea to have an answer always ready in case you’re asked.

Here are three answers you can use to celebrate, dodge, or deflect. Because, let’s face it, some people are ill-mannered. For those who genuinely want to know for themselves, it could just be the wrong place and time to ask.

Ok, here are the answers.

1. Why do you ask? – The easiest way to deal with an unwanted question is to ask a question in response. At the very least, this will give that person time to think about why they’re really asking it.

Everyone is dealing with something that not every else knows about. The fact is, they or people they know may not have experienced hair loss. So, they have no idea the energy it takes to accept that every day. This is why they are clueless that asking “are you wearing a wig” is rude and impolite.

2. No, it’s my hair –
Ok, before you say, “Wait, that’s not true!”, think about it. Do you say the house you live in and pay mortgage every month isn’t yours? What about that computer you bought last week? Your car? Your cell phone?

Just because that hair isn’t growing out of your head doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong to you. You paid for it and the hair you choose to wear is YOUR hair.

3. Yes, I am and you can’t touch it –
If you don’t know this, I’ll let you in on a secret. African American women do not like strangers touching their hair. Whether it’s a wig or natural hair or whatever. They take hours getting those ‘dos just right. The very thought of some stranger putting their fingers in their creative works…well.

Besides, regardless of your ethnicity, your hair and body is yours. Not the property of anyone else. It’s perfectly fine to feel invaded when a stranger tries to share your space uninvited.

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