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Shampoo & Styling$65.00+
This is a cleansing shampoo and conditioning of your hair, scalp and hair system. Then your hair will be dried and styled beautifully.

Roller-Set & Shampoo$75.00+
This is a cleansing shampoo and conditioning of your hair and scalp. Then your hair is wet set with rollers to add fullness and bounce to your hair.

Flat Iron With Shampoo$55.00+
Flat Iron Without Shampoo$45.00+
Cut & Styling$65.00+
This is a new cut and style created to fit your face and personality.


Relaxer Around The Edges$20.00+
To straighten hair to blend in with the system for a more natural look.

This is a chemical straightening of the hair.

This is the process of changing for giving the hair a permanent curl or wave pattern.

System Placement$275.00+
This is the process of braiding your hair and securely sewing your system to your braids. Your custom full hair system gives you the look and feel of a natural, beautiful head of hair

Full Weaves$300.00+
This is the process of braiding your hair and securely sewing each track to your braids. Also using our special technique to close your weave for a very natural look.


Color Around The Edges$20.00+
To blend any hair remaining out the system for a more natural look.

Color Touch-up$45.00+
Color Highlights$95.00+
Full Head Color (1 color)$75.00+

Deep Condition$15.00+
This treatment provides your hair and scalp with needed moisture.

Dry Scalp Treatments$15.00+
Our special blend of oils and herbs to moisturize and calm your dry scalp.

Scalp Massage$10.00+
Let us pamper you with a 5-7 minute massage. Can be done at time of shampoo to stimulate blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles.

This is the removal of your hair system or full weave.


Open up your eyes by shaping your eyebrows. Can also be used to remove unwanted hair from lip and chin areas.

This will enhance your natural beauty by using the latest techniques in makeup artistry. Bring out your cheekbones, add drama to your eyes with the perfect shadow.

Our Policies

All services show a starting price and can increase based on hair length, texture, or additional services rendered. Please consult your hair specialist with further questions.

We kindly ask that you allow at least 24 hours for all cancellations or rescheduled appointments.

Please Note: Hair weaves or hair systems worn over 12 weeks will incure an additional service fee.

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