Louticia Grier Pays Tribute To Hair Stylists

Louticia Grier Pays Tribute To Hair Stylists
Hello everyone, I’m Louticia Grier. I want all of you to help me pay tribute to our fabulous hair stylists, barbers and manicurists in California. These artists have been contributing their talent to many men and women for decades. They work diligently to improve the lives of their clients.

Choosing to work as a hair stylist can sound like a lot of fun. But the truth is, being a hair stylist is a hard gig. And while it is hard work, it’s also rewarding. Also, to be the absolute best, it requires intense training, intelligence and skill. So, this is not a job you want to go into because you can’t think of anything else to do.

Tribute To Hair Stylists

I feel it’s time we pay tribute to hair stylists because they do amazing work. They can take you from glum to glamorous in a matter of hours depending on your service. Their creativity, confidence and dedication to their clients is outstanding.

Being able to think on your feet, stamina, good under pressure, are also skills these hair stylist possess. In fact, they are skills we should all aspire to.

They have so much passion for the work they do and the people they touch. And while being hair stylists is a hard job, the highlights far outshine the lowlights (pun intended).

Working in cosmetology can mean some pretty un-glamorous hours. People typically get their hair done when they aren’t working. And this means early mornings, evenings, and weekends are the norm. Therefore, being a hair stylist is not only hard on the body, but also doesn’t leave much time for family.

In addition to being great hair stylists, some of these artists also own a salon. In general, running a business is difficult. There are so many things that need to be done aside from the finances. So, I pay tribute to these business savvy hair stylists because they are skilled professionals, and yes, therapists :).

Also, having to ‘just say no’ to family is difficult. But it’s hard for friends and family to imagine that cutting and styling hair is work. To them, it seems like such a fun and glamorous thing to do all day long. What they don’t know is that the hours are rough, your body hurts, and your feet ache.

Everyone likes getting their hair done. Some of us just love getting new styles and colors each time we go. Others are so passionate about hair that we want to be the hair stylist and not the client :). So, having great people skills is another reason we should pay tribute to hair stylists.

Below, I have compiled a short list of hair stylists and am super proud of all of them. And I want you to help me show our appreciation for all they do.

  Sharlina Allen
  Kiyah Wright
  Tre Major
  Janet Pearson-Miller
  George Fuller
  Cecelia Johnson
  Kim Kimble
  Voneva Dunham
  Doris Mosley
  Bridget Winton
  Melanie Charlton
  Derick Monroe
  LaKesha Branch

If you have something nice you would like to say about your hair stylist, barber or manicurist, please leave a comment below. if your cosmetologist is not on the list, you can still eave a comment. As I stated, this is just a very short and quick list as there are many top-notch dedicated hair stylists. Let’s uplift their day with kind words of appreciation.

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