Choosing The Right Hair Color

Choosing the right hair color
If you’ve worn the same hair color for years, it’s probably time to make a change. Choosing right hair color for your skin tone and age can make a huge difference in your appearance. Does your hair color make you look your age, younger or older? An important consideration when choosing a hair color is the color of your skin and eyes. The wrong color can add years to your actual age. A good colorist can help you select the color that looks best with your eye color and skin tone.

At Uptown New York Style Hair Salon, Cecelia Johnson is a master colorist. If you’re thinking about doing it yourself home box color, we recommend giving Cecelia call. Cecelia says, “hair colors are usually either warm or cool, and you need to match the hair color with your skin’s undertone color”.

So how do you determine your skin’s undertone color? Although, not very scientific, but one way to determine your skin’s undertone color is by looking at the veins in your wrist in sunlight. Most women of color (Middle-Eastern, African American, Indian, Asian, and Latino) have green veins indicating a warm undertone. If the veins are blue, then you have a cool undertone.

Depending on your skin tone, there are many available hair color options:

  • Women of color – If your skin’s undertone color is warm, go a shade darker than your skin with a warm tone, such as caramel or bronze. Choosing a light gold color, for instance, could turn your hair orange.
  • Olive skin tones – Opt for dark brown or brunette shades, if you have brown eyes. But go with a light medium brown if your eyes are green, blue or hazel.
  • Yellow skin tones – Choosing shades from black to medium brown, if your eyes are dark or hazel will give you a great look.
  • Neutral skin tone – A light brunette to a medium blonde color will look great, if you have green, hazel or blue eyes.

For a splashing new you, make sure you’re choosing the right hair color, colorist and hairstylist. For a job done right, it could appear to alter the shape of your face, you could appear to look slimmer and younger.

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