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Taking care of children’s hair today is not like it used to be. When we were children there were few choices in how we did our hair and what products we could use. It was a more traditional time where hair care was passed down from one generation to another and one or two products were available for the whole family. Now, we have so many options available and on top of that we’re told that we should buy this product for this type of curly hair or another for multi-ethnic hair. Times have changed and it easy to find yourself wondering how to figure out what products work best for your child’s hair. Let me help you to figure things out and to make your child’s hair care as simple as possible as they start their school year.

Before styling your child’s hair, be sure to use a natural hair detangler like Fresh and Easy Take Down Cream. It’s made for children and makes taking down braids, removing knots and detangling matted hair fast, easy and most importantly without the tears. With this all natural product made for children you will see how it allows you to easily comb through your child’s hair.

The key to healthy hair is making sure that your child’s scalp is healthy and clean. Take the time to look at their scalp and check for any signs of inflammation, hair loss or infections. Be sure to keep it free of dirt and debris by using a safe kid-friendly shampoo and conditioner that both cleanses and nourishes their scalp and hair.

The next question is how often do I wash my child’s hair? Well that all depends on your child’s hair type, lifestyle and if they have any conditions that need to be addressed. For instance, if your child has straight texture hair and the natural oils in it seems to attract dirt then you’ll want to wash it more regularly than a child with afro-textured hair. African-American children and multi-ethnic children with curly hair will benefit from less regular washing as the oils in their scalp take time to work through the hair. Washing their hair too often can lead to dryness, itching and a flaky scalp. Using a mild low pH shampoo is always the best option. For scalp conditions such as fungal or bacterial infections, use all natural Scalp Ease to get rid of the infection and to heal the scalp. And never ever put chemicals in your child’s hair. Your child’s scalp and hair is still growing and changing until their late teens! Chemicals can do irreparable damage.

Now we come to styling your child’s hair. Be sure to use Fresh and Easy detangler to help comb through their hair. If your little princess wants a pigtail or a ponytail, keep it loose so it doesn’t pull the hair causing breakage, scalp tenderness and headaches. And make wise age appropriate choices about hair ornaments.

Most of all make the time you spend grooming your children a routine that they will remember with feelings of closeness and love. If you’re not sure about styling your child’s hair, consult with your trusted professional cosmetologist. You can also contact me at 858-259-6833 or

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